7 things you use every day and you should clean more often

I can guarantee you that there are so many items in your home that you use every day but you don’t clean enough. Make sure you fix this mistake and start cleaning them more often.

– Makeup Brushes

Who is guilty of doing this? This is one of the worst habits a girl can have. Makeup brushes, sponges, beauty blenders are packed with bacteria that can cause infection, breakouts, skin irritation, etc.

– Dishcloths

Wash dishcloths every few days. They collect tons of bacteria that will transfer to everything else in your home.

– Steering Wheels

Do you know what is dirtier than a public toilet? The steering wheel of your car. And that is a proven fact. Research shows that there are more than 700 different bacteria on average which is nine times more than from a public toilet.

Regularly wipe down the wheel with cleaning wipes.

– Mops
Both mops and brooms are supposed to help you maintain your home in a cleaner state but sometimes they can do quite the opposite because of all the dirt and bacteria they collect with time.

Everything that you clean with and is reusable needs to be cleaned itself.

– Light Switches

Light Switches are perfect for spreading germs. Every once in a while make sure you wipe them down with a cleaning wipe.

– Remote Controls

When was the last time you cleaned your remote control? Have you ever even done it? This item filled with bacteria needs to be wiped down with an antibacterial wipe at least a couple of times a month.

– Toothbrushes
I will tell you a very nasty fact about your toothbrush – most likely there is poop and a lot of bad germs like E. coli on it.

The two biggest tips I have for you – don’t store your toothbrush next to your toilet and replace it often.

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