Creative cleaning hacks that will help you

  • Oil Bottles

Oil bottles are huge messes – we have a hack for you. Get a paper towel, wrap it around the container and get an elastic band with which you will secure the paper towel.

  • Oven Racks

Cleaning your oven is not the most pleasant thing in the world. From times to times I call and let them deep-clean it. But sometimes I use this hack.

Grab some dryer sheets, lay them onto the base of a sink or a bathtub and place your oven racks there. Add some liquid soap and cover the racks with water. Let it sit for a few hours and wipe the racks with the soaked sheets.

  • Your garbage

Do you have a garbage disposal? Cut a few lemons and put them down your garbage disposal unit – switch it on for 15 seconds. This will make every part of your kitchen smell like lemon.

  • Glasses

Are your glasses cloudy? Soak them in vinegar and dry them with a paper towel after.

  • Cultery with rust marks

Grab a large glass and pour equal parts warm water and lemon juice. Place your cultery and let them in for an hour.

  • Your Floor

If the head of your flat floor mop needs replacement – replace it with fluffy socks.

  • Stains

Treat a stain on your furniture with shaving foam. Spray it on the stain and leave for a couple of minutes.

  • Wood

You can use beer to add shine to wood. Just dampen a cloth with beer and clean in a circular motion.

  • Leather Furniture

Use shoe polish to remove scratches on leather furniture. Grab a soft, polish brush and apply a small amount. Start buffing gently on the scratches.

  • Grease on concrete

Pour coca-cola over the stains on the grease.

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