Dealing With Greasy Tiled Backsplash and Grout? How To Clean Them?

The tiles that are in your kitchen are most likely covered in greasy stains. Of course, it’s normal – you cook on regular basis. But what is important is do you neglect the mess or do you clean it up? If you neglect it then every day it will get dirtier and dirtier until one day you can’t stand to look at your backsplash.

This is why I want to share one of the easiest cleaning methods I know of so that you can start cleaning the tiles in your kitchen as often as necessary!

How To Clean Greasy Tiles Backsplash And Grout?

Start off with trying soapy water – a pretty simple yet effective method for removing grease. Soak a sponge in warm soapy water and use a circular motion to scrub the tiles.

Then, dampen a cloth in water and wipe the tile so that you remove the soapy residue.

If your tiles are still pretty dirty then move on to mixing one part lemon juice with one part of vinegar. Dampen an old toothbrush in the mixture then sprinkle some baking soda on top and immediately start scrubbing the tiles and grout with it.

Once you are done – “rinse” the tiles with a damp cloth. Repeat these steps a few times if necessary.

Is There Mold?

If you notice that underneath the greasy mess there was mold hiding then I suggest you try using bleach. Dilute it in water then spray it all over the tiles and let it sit for a few hours before you rinse it.

But make sure that all windows in your kitchen are open. Also, work with gloves!

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