How to clean a bathtub

Bathtub CleaningBathtubs are an ideal retreat for relaxation after a long day at work. But also bathtubs are often the ideal safe haven for germs and harmful bacteria. This means that a bathtub must be cleaned on a regular basis. So if you have recently bought a bathtub and you don’t know how exactly to clean it, keep reading because we have some very helpful pointers for you or just call Cleaners Wandsworth.

Always commence the cleaning of your bathtub by pre-rinsing the tub. You can always pre-rinse your tub to removal all sand, dirt and hair that is located on the surfaces of your tub. If you fail to remove these particles they may damage the finish of your bathtub while you are cleaning it. The easiest way to pre-rinse your bathtub is to use the tub’s shower head. Also once you have pre-rinse the tub, remove the shower head so that you can clean it more easily.

Next head to a nearby cleaning company, supermarket or home depot and purchase a commercial bathtub cleaner. Once you have acquired the cleaner, apply it liberally all over the tub and don’t forget to concentrate on areas that are heavily stains and soiled. When you are don’t applying the cleaner, allow it to sit and soak in for a period of approximately ten minutes.

It is very importantly that you let the cleaner sit because it will not only loosen the stains and remove the water spots from the surfaces of your tube but it will also disinfect your bathtub from any harmful particles such as the aforementioned bacteria and germs. Now grab a rag and start scrubbing the bathtub. Don’t apply too much pressure and turn extra attention to the areas around the drain and faucet as these areas tend to harbor large amount of harmful particles and soap scum. Finish your bathtub cleaning by rinsing the tub thoroughly.

If all this seems too laborious and time consuming for you, then you can always hire professional cleaners to clean your tub for you. Nowadays lots of cleaning companies work with affordable prices so you won’t have to break your bank in order to use such services. You can find the contact details of such companies in the yellow pages and the ads sections of your local newspapers.

Regardless which approach you choose it is very important that you maintain a clean and spotless bathtub, so don’t be negligent about your cleaning responsibilities.

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