How to make your own DIY Liquid Fabric Softener

Are you a huge fan of all the DIY all-purpose cleaners? I know I am. I started making my own cleaners a couple of years ago and I must say I am very happy that I chose to take this route.

Not only am I completely aware of all of the ingredients but they are all-natural. A lot of commercial cleaners contain a lot of chemicals and I am not a fan of that. The other great benefit is that I am actually saving money.

Of course, the next huge benefit is that you don’t use plastic bottles that you throw away all of the time. As we all know this is very bad for the environment.

But I must say that once you start making your own all-purpose cleaners using natural products you already have in your home you get addicted to it and you want to start making everything on your own.

That is why I have the best liquid fabric softener recipe for you

I love this recipe and it provides amazing results. Of course, the ingredients you need are very simple and are all-natural.

You need:

White Vinegar
Vegetable Glycerin
Essential Oil of your choice
A glass Container

Our of everything I mentioned you would probably only need to go out and buy vegetable glycerin since you already have everything in your home.

Mix 2 cups of water with 2 cups of white vinegar. Add 1/8 cup of vegetable glycerin. Then pick an essential oil and add around 15 drops to the mixture.

Pour everything in a glass container and you are done.

This recipe is extremely easy and effective!

Keep one thing in mind

When you are using this recipe do not use bleach! I don’t know if you are aware but vinegar and bleach do not mix well and they create toxic fumes which you definitely need to avoid.

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