Six simple steps that will allow you to maintain a clean carpet

Article by: Carpet Cleaning Bracknell

Carpet CleaningCarpets are beautiful household items that can drastically enhance the overall feeling of a room. Sadly carpets are also one of the most capricious household features due to the fact that they require frequent cleaning in order to keep their appearance. This is why we have decided to write down a step by step tutorial which you can use to maintain your carpet clean.

  1. Begin by mixing your own homemade carpet cleaning detergent. Get a laver and fill it half way with water. Add to the water a moderate amount of power laundry and leave the ingredient to mix. If you don’t trust homemade cleaning remedies you can always use a commercial carpet cleaner which you can purchase from a nearby cleaning company, supermarket or specialized cleaning store.
  2. Before you treat your carpet with the carpet cleaning detergent, vacuum it to remove the large dirt particles and to suck up as much dust as you can. It is advisable that you change your old vacuum cleaner bag with a new one, before you vacuum your carpet.
  3. Now apply the carpet cleaner on all the spots and stains that are on your carpet. Allow the cleaning solution to soak on the problematic areas for five to ten minutes before you start scrubbing.
  4. Scrub the spotted and stained areas with fresh clean water and a soft brush. Always use inward circular motions when you are removing spots and stains from a carpet in order to prevent the stains and spots from spreading further onto the carpet. If the spots and stains aren’t coming off, it is for the best if you contact and hire professional cleaners to finish your carpet cleaning for you.
  5. On the other hand if you have been able to remove the stains and spots, use a soft brush to remove any residue from the carpet cleaner. Once the entire residue is removed, let your carpet dry. You can point a running fan towards your carpet to accelerate the drying process.
  6. Once you carpet is dry, end the cleaning by re-vacuuming your carpet and applying a carpet protector. If you don’t have a carpet protector under hand you can buy from a cleaning company or supermarket.


As you can see cleaning a carpet isn’t as hard or time consuming as it sounds. So the next time that you notice that your carpet is heavily stained or soiled, take matters into your own hands and clean it.

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